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At Clothing Crib we strive to offer the most unique, innovative and premium products on the market, with a level of service to satisfy!

Our amazing team updates our expansive catalog with the newest trending products on the market. We're a small team working daily to build our dreams to become a reality, and we are located in Hagerstown, Maryland, 21740 - USA.       


On a personal note here is a sneak peek of  Our Story : 

How this store got named Clothing "Crib", comes from me losing my son, Tim, and youngest child of 11, at the age of 31 to colon cancer in 2007. I should say the word "crib", because that is what he called his apartment. When inviting one of his friends over he would say, "come on over to my crib". I thought that was a catchy name for my store and thus, so it is. I know if he were here today, that he would be right in there encouraging me and helping me make this a success. I do however, have 10 more children and get alot of help from them. They have their own lives, their own dreams and this is one of mine. Dreams still do come true! Thanks to everyone, who takes the time to browse and shop at Clothing "Crib". My goal is to bring you quality products and make lots of Cyber friends. If anyone has any questions, concerns or comments or needs to contact me, you can do so thru FB messenger or support@clothing-crib.com


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